Rowland Hill (1900-1992)

An image of a handwritten diary. In the corner it is dated March Thur 25.

Rowland Hill was a local family-owned shoe store located at 189 Dundas Street. The store’s owner and namesake, Rowland Hill, was born in London, England in 1866. He moved to London, Ontario with his parents at the age of three. By age 13, Hill began to work for John McMechan in his shoe store. He would later move on to J.P. Cook’s shoe store from 1880-1900. In May of 1900, Hill opened his own store at 189 Dundas Street and by 1909, the company opened another location at 429 Hamilton Road. The Harris Family had direct connections to this local retailer. In one of her diary entries, Milly Harris wrote about visiting the Hill Store. In the entry, Milly describes how much she loved shopping at the Dundas Street store, often using her father’s money to make purchases there. This popular family business remained open in London until 1992.