Tuesday, February 22.  "Went out early intending to go to the silk market which, however, was not open, so went off in search of some Burmese fans which however, were not to be found.  Had a tiresome drive and accomplished nothing, so had to come out after breakfast contrary to our previous intention.  Passed a silversmith working on a handsome bowl.  Got it... Returned to the silk bazaar at ten and got some things. They are very pretty but we had so little time to choose " 

An intricate photo frame from Burma.

"I did not go out again as I had to pack and do various things got off at 1:30 for Benares, [Varanasi] Papa had secured sleeping compartments in the morning but when he went down to get on it, the station...there was no compartments for us. It was a great shame, but finally we were stowed away..." 

“Banares figure;” Brass figure of durga in ornate robes, brought back from India by the Harris family

Below is a glimpse at some other items the Harris family brought back to Eldon House from their many travels. The family were prolific collectors and displayed their souvenirs prominently.

This three-elephant trivet and brass bowl is another souvenir from India, featuring knotted, faded pattern.

Samurai stirrups from Japan. 

Case and money from China.


A wooden box with dragon design brought back from China.

An incense burner from China with dragon and images from the zodiac.

Two cups from Norway.