Dangers/Lost or Stolen Items

"My trunks came just as we were starting for town... When I opened my l trunk I found that the lock had been forced and seven skirts taken...[my] evening dress, yellow Burmese skirt, pink slip for my muslin dress, purple cloak, and 2 white duck skirts, five petticoats, all my stockings, and a number of trifles besides my riding habit...I only wish they had taken a couple of entire dresses and left me some that could be of service.  The trunk looked like a ragbag...[a] pair of new shoes, my gloves and handkerchiefs are untouched...They told me to send them a note claiming damages.  I made it up to £56.10 and don’t believe it will cover the loss as now I shall have to get new things." 

Milly Harris diary entry January 5, 1901, after returning home from Egypt.

In the above quotation, Milly describes several items which were taken from her trunk sometime during one of her travels. This is a chance all travellers take and a situation most travellers dread.