Small Footstool c. 1900, decorated with needlepoint design of flowers and vegetables. Eldon House Collection. Photo by S. Butlin.

Grateful acknowledgment is made to the following,

Eldon House Historical Site, London, Ontario. I am most grateful to Tara Wittmann, Curator-Director Eldon House, for supporting the idea of this exhibit when it was proposed and for her encouragement, advice, and sharing of her research. Sincere thanks also to Nikki Michienzi, Museum Coordinator, for her valuable assistance.

The Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto. I am particularly grateful to the ROM for its kind help in obtaining and giving permission to reproduce photographs of the dragon robe in this exhibit, and whose personnel were so very helpful in this regard.

Archives and Special Collections, Western University, London, Ontario. I would like to thank the Archives at Western University, and especially Theresa Regnier for her knowledgeable guidance.

David Pepper, Treasures from Japan (1997).  I thank David Pepper for writing his exquisite catalogue Treasures from Japan in which he examines the Japanese artifacts in the Eldon House collection. My being able to reference his specialist knowledge of Japanese culture and art in his exhibition catalogue, has greatly enriched this exhibit.

Jason Plant.  High quality and creative photographs of artifacts are important in an online digital exhibit, and I am particularly grateful to Jason Plant for his kind permission to reproduce his beautiful photographs of the Eldon House snail and the pot made by Emily Carr, in this exhibit.

Susan Butlin, Ph.D.
Guest Curator, “Inspired by Nature: Plant and Animal Kingdoms from the Eldon House Collection
Eldon House, London, Ontario.
December 1, 2019