Zodiac Incense Burner

A grid image. On the left there is a full length image of a white and blue porcelain incense burner which has netting made or porcelain in the middle. It sits on a small white doily against a red and gold background. On the right there are two square images that focus on some of the small porcelain animals.
An incense burner from the Eldon House collection with focus on the zodiac animals

Country of Origin: Japan
Year: ca. 1890s
Material: Porcelain, glaze 

This incense burner was collected by the Harris Family on their trip to Japan in 1897. Along the bottom there are figures of the eastern zodiac, with a large dragon curled around the stem. This was likely a gift for the holidays during the Year of the Dragon.

Research also suggests that this piece may have been from Hirado, a center for Japanese porcelain manufacturing, though it is difficult to tell, as many Hirado pieces were unsigned.