Yellow Clogs

A pair of bright yellow wooden clogs with floral patterns on the sides on a wooden surface.
Clog figurines from the Eldon House collection

Country of Origin: Netherlands
Year: ca. 1890s
Materials: Wood and paint 

These miniature clogs were an item purchased by the Harris Family on one of their trips to the Netherlands. Clogs are a type of shoe made of wood and have been worn by various cultures for centuries. Many traditional clogs would be made partly of wood and include fabric and leather elements. The oldest clogs in Europe come from the Netherlands dating to the 13th century. The Dutch had various shaped clogs depending on employment, and clogs made for leisurewear. Wooden clogs were great for many Dutch citizens as they protected the feet from the wet climate.

Clogs begin to become a symbol of the Netherlands, but by the Victorian Era are not worn as often, though there was a brief resurgence in clogs during the two World Wars. Instead, the clog becomes a symbol of the Netherlands. Since the Victorian Era it has been common to buy clogs or clog figurines, which is what the Harris’ did on one of their trips to the Netherlands.