Lizard Body Sheath

A small lizard body. It has pointed nubs where the back legs and in between the legs where the tail would be. The hands are brought together in the center and there are long claws

Country of Origin: Unknown
Year: ca. 1890s
Materials: Lizard skin, thread 

This lizard pouch was collected by the Harris Family on their international travels in the late Victorian-early Edwardian Era. Unfortunately, like many of the international pieces in the collection, it is nearly impossible to say exactly where this piece comes from or who collected it. As this was a sheath for several small daggers, we assume that it was collected by one of the male family members, as this would have been deemed a more ‘appropriate’ souvenir for a man. It likely comes to us from southeast Asia as part of a larger weapon collection trend acquired by George and Ronald Harris around 1897.