Lily Chamber Commode Blue Bedroom

An image of a large blue pot with a lid and white handles. On the front there is an image of a white water lily. Behind there is a box and another pitcher with lily's sitting in a bowl.
Lily Commode in the Blue Bedroom

Country of Origin: England
Year: ca. 1864-1891
Materials: Porcelain and paint 

Bathing and toiletries were different prior to indoor plumbing at Eldon House.  The majority of people would use toiletry sets including commodes, pitchers, and washbasins, often with accompanying soap holders, and sponge trays.  Sets like this one which came with all the necessary items for getting ready were very popular. This set was made by the W & E Corn Company. This company was in operation from 1837-1904, first manufacturing in Burslem, England. This collection is one of their earlier sets being manufactured around the 1860s-90s.