London Teacup

An image of a white teacup with a blue and gold border on the top edge and on the saucer. Inside the cup and around the edge of the saucer is pink roses with vines. It is on a wooden table with hair and makeup items in the background.
London Teacup from the Eldon House collection

Country of Origin: France 
Year: ca. 1886-1894 
Materials: Porcelain and paint  

Tea was an important drink in the Harris household. Teatime was an opportunity to socialize with family and friends, and during their 125 years at Eldon House, the Harris Family collected an assortment of tea items.  

This cup comes from the Limoges Company. Limoges was based in France, producing china items since the 1730s. During the 20th century, the company expanded and had distributors in England and in North America. This teacup has a stamp on the bottom that says Ch. Ahrenfeldt Limoges for London Crockery Co. London, Canada. Ch. Ahrenfeldt refers to Charles Ahrendelft, an exporter with Limoges. He established exports with between France and North America in the 1860s opened a factory that decorated for Limoges.  

This item is interesting because it is the only teacup in our collection to be stamped, London, Canada and one of the only items from the London Crockery Company, which was established in 1886.