The Book of Household Management

                                                                                                                                                Author: Isabella Beeton
                                                                                                                                               Published: London, 1869 

Mrs. Beetons

Physical Description: This cookbook has completely fallen apart. The cover was green with white fabric on the side covering up the beautiful red and gold spine. It is now impossible to read. On the inside of the cover there is an advertisement for an Erard Pianoforte from London, UK. There is a signature on the top of the page. On the inside cover there was once a coloured image of the table setting. The book has 1644 pages, plus a number of advertisements at the end, and is 8 inches long, by 5 inches wide and 3 inches thick.

Subject: The book contains over 75 chapters on various recipes and household management skills. There are also various chapters on specific cuisines like French, German and Italian. The book provides a list of specific duties for male and female servants, as well as sick nurses and governess. Like other cook-books, recipes are not written like with clearly outlined measurements.

                                                                                                                   On Household Management

   To be a good housewife does not necessarily imply an abandonment of proper pleasures or amusing recreation; and we think it the more         necessary to express this, as the performance of the duties of a mistress may, to some minds, perhaps seem to be incompatible with the            enjoyment of life. Let us, however, proceed to describe some of those home qualities and virtues which are necessary to the proper               management of a household, and then point out the plan which may be the most profitably pursued for the daily regulation of its affairs.

                                                                                                                             A popular American Drink.

                                  1 good orange, a few drops of essence of cloves, ditto peppermint, 3 or 4 lumps of sugar, a tumbler full of ice.