Kiln of Contention

A large brick structure. It is rectangular and has an arched opening on the one side.
Kiln in the Basement

Country of Origin: Canada
Year: ca. 1820
Materials: Brick and mortar 

This ‘kiln’ is one of the great mysteries of Eldon House. Located on the south side, in the oldest part of the basement, the existence of this brick-and-mortar pillar has stumped historians for decades. Evidence suggests that there was something on the Eldon House property before the construction of the house. However, no city plans or records exist from this time. What is clear, is that this structure predates the 1834 house. It is unlikely that this belonged to another wooden building, but it has been thought to have belonged to a business. Speculations for this item have ranged from a pottery kiln, a chimney, or even a pizza oven!