Harris Crate

An image of a wooden crate. On it is says G.B. Harris Esq London, Ont. It is followed by Japanese lettering.
A portion of the Harris Crate in the Eldon House collection

Country of Origin: Japan
Year: ca. 1897
Materials: Wood and paint 

The Harris Family loved travelling, and 1897 marked their first big adventure in the form of a “World Tour.” George and Lucy Harris took their children, Ronald, Milly, and Teddy on parts of the tour. Their first stop in Japan was exciting, as they were able to collect several unique pieces. However, the Harris’ did not lug everything around the world with them, opting to send some items home after purchase. This is a piece of a crate that arrived in London from Japan. On it, the name of George Harris and his address is visible in Japanese and in English.