Harris Cookbook

A worn thin paper book. A hand written recipe for chowder is on the right side. In the background is a wooden spoon on the right and a rose printed plate with pink jelly on the left.
Harris Family cookbook in the Kitchen

Country of Origin: Canada
Year: ca. 1910
Materials: Cardboard and paper 

The Harris Family were assisted by multiple household staff including cooks. Some of the cooks came from the British Isles, bringing their recipes with them, others were local women hired on by the family matriarchs. This cookbook contains multiple pages of recipes from various people within the household. The handwriting varies depending on the page, pointing to multiple authors. Some of the recipes also denote that these recipes were passed from other community members or friends.

A large number of recipes focused on preserving food. Nearly the entire first half is dedicated to pickling a preserving, and many of the baked recipes that follow used dried fruit for flavouring. This book has been a very useful resource for museum staff, and some of these recipes have been tried and tested by staff. Videos for these recipes can be found on the Eldon House YouTube channel.