Butler Razor

An image of a old school straight blade with a ivory handle. On the blade there is a quote and an image of William Shakespeare. In the background there is an open case with another razor blade. The case has an insert advertising for the razor company, Keen's. In the background there is the shaving brush and cup.
Razor and case in the Dressing Room

Country of Origin: England 
Year: c. 1870 
Materials: Carbon steel, ivory, and leather  

George Butler & Co’s Keen manufactured this razor. This set has is made of metal with an ivory handle and was likely used by the adult men of the family. On the blade there is a quote from Shakespeare’s Love’s Labor Lost and an image of Shakespeare inside the black case. The quote is said by Boyet to Rosaline in Act 5, scene 2, “…Keen as is this razors edge invisible.” The reference to the play indicates that the razor is sharp enough to cut even unseen hairs.  

Butler and Co. manufactured “straight” or “cut-throat” razors from the 1760s through the 1950s and were based out of Sheffield, England. This piece was handmade using carbon steel and ivory and has a “Dutch,” or rounded, point.