Bullet Mould

An image of a wrench type item with an open mouth. Next to it are three spheres.
Bullet press and bullets

Country of Origin: Canada 
Year: ca. 1820 
Materials: Metal  

The Harris Family had a history with various military conflicts, and multiple generations were members of Canada’s military. To make bullets moulds made of iron were placed into the holder and then filled with molten lead. This bullet mould is from John Harris and was used by his wife Amelia Harris during the 1837 Rebellions. Amelia Harris wrote to a friend in 1837, when using this mould, “Last Sunday during the hours of church service the children and myself were employed in running bullets. I was rather abashed when Mrs. Cronyn came in and caught me at it, but she displayed a pair of Bullet Moulds she had just borrowed and was going to employ herself in the same way.”