Turkish Coffee Set

This is an ornate brass Turkish coffee set with blue, green, and red enamelwork. It is sitting on top of a matching brass serving tray on a white table cloth.
A Turkish Coffee set from the Eldon House collection

Country of Origin: Turkey
Year: ca. 1890s
Materials: Glass, metal, enamel, porcelain 

Coffee was brought to Turkey during the medieval era, eventually becoming an important feature of Turkish culture and cuisine. Turkish coffee is a finely blended and boiled brew. Coffee is traditionally served in small porcelain cups, designed to keep coffee hot.

This set is decorated with beautiful, coloured enamelwork and metal scrollwork, harkening to the Turkish art of creating mosaic glasswork, an artform that has existed for hundreds of years. This piece was likely collected by the Harris Family at the turn of the century during one of their trips to the Levant region.