Travelling Bathtub

An image of an oval tan item. Straps come up to the worn lid. On the lid it says G.B.H. London, Ontario. It is sitting on a heavily patterned carpet
The Travelling Bathtub in the Dressing Room

Country of Origin: Likely Canada  
Year: 1897 
Materials:  Tin and leather 

Hygiene and cleanliness were different for Victorian people. Baths were not as frequent but were still important. George B. Harris was concerned that his family would be unable to remain clean during their 13-month world tour and purchased this tub to take with them. The tub is a portable one, and the bather is meant to stand or kneel and pour water over themselves to bathe. It came equipped with a mosquito net to keep bugs away and has a locked top so it could remain secure on boat and train travel.  

While this was an interesting idea by George Harris, the use of this bathtub was entirely unnecessary on their travels. The Harris Family were wealthy travellers, and the hotels they stayed at, and their methods of travel came equipped with facilities for bathing. However, Ronald Harris would later use this tub on several of his international trips where he travelled as an engineer. Ronald’s travels often took him to less touristy areas and the travelling tub came in handy.