Teddy’s World War One Metals

A series of four medals on a white background. The first medal on the left has a red and blue ribbon that has become detached. It has a white cross with an insignia in it. The next is a red, white, and blue ribbon with a medal marked 1914-15, the third has a blue, black, white, and orange ribbon with a round medal of George V, and the last is a rainbow ribbon medal with a winged victory medal.
Teddy Harris' World War One Medals

Country of Origin: Canada and Britian
Year: 1914-1918
Materials: Brass, fabric, metal 

Edward Montgomery Harris was a lifelong service member, serving as a member of the Canadian military from 1900 until his death in 1952. When World War I broke out, he enlisted and was placed with the 2nd Canadian Division Supply Company. He served at the rank of Major along the western front in Europe and was present at several important Canadian battles, including Vimy Ridge. He received four medals for his service, their titles and importance are outlined below.

Distinguished Service Cross- This medal was first established in 1886 and was given to officers who distinguished themselves in wartime. Between 1914-16, eligibility was not restricted to those fighting under fire, but by 1917 it was a requirement for the award. On the one side there is a wreath of laurels with a British crown in the center. On the reverse is the royal cypher of George V.

1914-15 Star- This medal was awarded to those who saw combat between 5 August 1914 and 31 December 1915.

British War Medal- This medal was issued in July of 1919 and honoured all of those who had served in the Canadian military between August 5, 1914 and November 11, 1918. On this medal is the face of King George V, and on the reverse is an image of St. George (the patron saint of England) trampling a Prussian shield and crossbow while a victory sun looks on.

Victory Medal and Mentioned in Dispatches Bar- This medal was awarded to all those who served in the military, as well as civilians under contract, and those working in military hospitals in theatres of war between August 5, 1914-November 11, 1918. In total, 351,289 medals were issued to Canadians. The victory medal has the winged Victory on the front side. The bronze oak leaf bars were added for those mentioned in dispatches. In Canada only 5,467 people were awarded this bar.