Stephen the Push Bear

An image of a beige stuffed bear. He has wheels attached to his feet. He is sitting on a wooden floor, the background is blurred.
Stephen the Bear in the Nursery

Country of Origin: Likely Germany  
Year: ca. 1927
Materials: Fabric, wood, glass, and metal 

This item was donated to Eldon House in 2022 by the O’Meara family. It originally belonged to Stephen O’Meara, who lived on Ridout Street for much of his life. It was given to him as a baby, around 1927. For Stephen, it was a prized possession and remained in his home until his death in 2020.

This bear was known as a push bear, parents would hold their children on the back of the stuffed animal and wheel them around. Many companies made them, including the infamous Steiff Company. While this has no tag, it is likely from the Steiff Company, and is an excellent example of children’s toys and past times in the 20th century.