Laundry Bin

A large wicker basket with the name HARRIS stamped in black letters on the side. It is sitting on a blue floral rug.
Laundry bin from the Eldon House collection

Country of Origin: Canada
Year: ca. 1890
Materials: Wicker 

The Eldon House servants did some of the family laundry onsite, including using a large laundry tub in the basement. However, finer items were often sent to one of the launders in downtown London. When items were sent to the launders, they would be placed in a laundry bin that had the family’s name and address on it so their items would be returned. This wicker basket would have been loaded with the family’s laundry and picked up by cart to be taken to the local laundry. The pieces would be returned in the same way, cleaned and ironed.