Jacquard Coverlet

A grid pattern with three images on the side and one long image on the right. On the top left is an image of an eagle woven into red fabric, under is a star, and the bottom is flowers. On the right is an image of a bed with two white pillows and then the coverlet.
Coverlet on the bed in the Red Bedroom

Country of Origin: Canada
Year: 1860
Materials: Wool 

This vibrant red coverlet has been continually used by the Harris Family since 1860. Woven in Komoka, Ontario, the dye used to create the vibrant red of the textile was produced by way of berries from the sumac tree, and the pattern of swans and willow trees represent flora and fauna of Canada. The creator of the piece, John Campbell was a prominent jacquard loom weaver who received his training in Paisley, Scotland, the first textile centre in Britain to use jacquard looms, in the early 19th century. He immigrated to Canada in 1859, bringing his equipment with him. He settled in the small village of Komoka near London, Ontario, where he wove coverlets and blankets until his death in 1885.