Gibbon’s Vase

An image of a silver vase with large handles. It sits on an angle on top of a white doily and a wooden piano. Inside the vase there are fake red and orange flowers.
Gibbons Vase from the Eldon House Collection
An image of a silver vase with two handles. The outside is decorated with enamel pieces that look like peacock feathers. Inside are fake red and orange flowers as well as coleus. It sits on a white doily and on a piano.

Country of Origin: Canada
Year: 1905
Materials: Silver, copper, enamel   

Typical to the organic forms of the Art Nouveau design movement, this sterling bowl has copper trim, blue and green enamel, in an overall peacock feather design. It is oblong in shape, with handles at each end. The bowl was presented to George C. Gibbons of London, Ontario. Sir George Christie Gibbons (1848-1918), was a lawyer, businessman, and representative of Canada abroad. The inscription on the bottom of the bowl reads: “In appreciation of many services to the liberal party. Xmas 1905. This piece was inherited by his daughter, Lorna Gibbons Harris.