Galle Glass Vase

An image of a small glass that is curved at the top and tapers toward the bottom. On the glass are black leaves and a pattern of fish and bugs in orange.
Glass from the Eldon House collection
A double image. The top is the bottom of the glass with the name of the artist and his school. The second image is a close up of a fish
A signature from the artist is visible on the bottom of the glass, and a close up of the detail

Country of Origin: France  
Year: ca. 1866-1874 
Materials: Glass and paint 

Émile Gallé was a French artist who worked in glass. He is widely considered to be one of the main innovators of the French Art Nouveau movement and was a founder of the École de Nancy in Nancy, France. Here he taught elements of paint and glasswork.  

Gallé was interested in depicting the natural world, and experimented with different elements and metals like sulphur, thallium, and copper to get rich colours. He created vases and drinkware with florals, plantlife, insects, and sea creatures. This vase has a combination of sea life, insects, and plants, and is indicative of his early work.