A grid image. On the left side there are two images. On the top the teal frog is on the side, and the other view is from the top. On the right there is the frog with some flower stems in it.
Various views of the teal frog from the Eldon House collection

Country of Origin: Japan
Year: 1897
Materials: Ceramic and glaze   

Frog flower vases date back to 14th century Japan to arrange ikebana. Ikebana is a style of flower arranging that uses few flowers, and so it is necessary to use a vase that supports the stems. Frog vases were designed with holes to support the stem and could be placed in water which would enhance the look of the arrangement. Later these vases came in other designs.

This simple teal frog was made in Japan as referenced by the stamp Nippon (the traditional name of Japan) on the bottom.