Florentine Canopy Bed

A grid image. On the left there is a full image of the bed. On the right there are two images, the one on top is a further shot of the full bed, the bottom is an image of the canopy.
Florentine Bed in the Green Bedroom

Country of Origin: England
Year: ca. 1790
Materials: Wood, rope, feather, fabric, and metal 

This is the oldest bed in Eldon House and was part of Lucy Ronalds’ inheritance. Typical to older beds, this piece is high off the ground, away from the cold floors. Under the bed is a series of ropes and springs holding up the feather mattress. The phrase, “night, night, sleep tight” comes from beds like these, where the ropes would have to be tightened before getting into bed each night. The phrase refers to the process of winding the ropes.

Additionally, the bed is topped with a painted canopy in the Florentine style. The posts are heavily decorated, and the fabric gatherings in the center. Canopies originally helped keep people warm and keep light out, as the fabric on the sides could be drawn like curtains.