Emily Carr Pot

A double image. On the top there is an image of a small round pot with nubs on either side that have been painted. The one side is painted with a white fish face, the other the tail. Below is an image of the reverse with the name Klee Kyck
The top and reverse side of the Emily Carr pot from the Eldon House collection

Country of Origin: Canada
Year: ca. 1925
Materials: Clay and paint  

This small earthenware pot is painted in a First Nation style and shaped to look like a bird. It was made by the artist Emily Carr in the 1920s. She created such objects to be sold to tourists in order to boost her income during her lean years. The work she produced was called brown pottery or unglazed work and was intended to be ornamental, not functional. Ronald Harris of Eldon House purchased this piece while employed as a mining engineer in British Columbia.