Eldon House Painting

An image of a small yellow house on a hill. Hill side leads down to a river where there are two men and some cows on the banks. Surrounding the house and the hill are trees and foliage.
Painting of Eldon House by James Hamilton ca. 1841

Country of Origin: Canada
Year: ca. 1840
Materials: Oil paint and canvas 

This is one of the earliest images of Eldon House. It was painted by James Hamilton, a friend and neighbour of the Harris Family, who lived on Ridout Street. James painted this image and gifted it to the family in the 1841. The composition of the piece has all the hallmarks of Classical Landscape paintings, complete with foliage to frame an architectural feature in the background, and  featuring  a human presence in an otherwise wild natural scene. In the image, part of the property is visible including the terraced steps that led down to the Thames River. Additionally, a fun note is that the original colour of Eldon House can be seen here, a yellow as opposed to our now iconic white and green!