Baby Rattle

A small silver rattle with bells made of silver on top. The handle is made of a yellowish ivory. It is sitting on a marble table and in the background there are pots with pink flowers.
Rattle in the Eldon House Nursery

Country of Origin: Likely England 
Year: ca. 1890  
Materials: Ivory and silver  

Children’s items are not common in the Eldon House collection. This rattle is one of the few surviving items belonging to the Harris children. Rattles have been used for over 2500 years and have been used to improve hand-eye coordination in babies, to keep them occupied, and for teething. It became popular in Europe and the Americas to make rattles out of silver. Many, like the one from the Eldon House collection, had bells to stimulate the child. The handle of this piece is made of ivory.