Eldon House Gone Awry!

$80.00 incl. HST

Murder Mystery Dinner
Saturday, February 16, 7:00 to 10:00 p.m.
Interpretive Centre

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Join us for a Murder Mystery Dinner by Murder for Hire – the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day! Cost includes a three course meal. This event will be licensed and will have a cash bar. Please arrive promptly at the main entrance of Eldon House. We will begin with a brief walk through the main house before entering our Interpretive Centre. Costume suggestions: 1940’s.

Winman Wynniatt has been a guest at Eldon House, hoping to purchase it.  He's caused some friction in the neighbourhood...now he wants to fix it…..or does he?  In the four months he's lived there, he's been accused of stealing cats, soliciting foolish relationships and disregarding town building code.   Whether or not he is guilty of these crimes remains to be solved.   Nevertheless, the damage is done. In an effort to mend the fences and reverse bad first impressions, Winman decides to invite the neighbourhood to a good, old-fashioned ball which is typical at the Harrison home.  Is mending fences his only motivation?   These neighbours all seem to be the best of friends on the surface…until you dig a little deeper.   They’re always second-guessing each other, and no one trusts anyone.

Performance by Murder for Hire.  

31 available.