From Pottage to Pinperneau: The Eldon House Cookbooks

July through November 2019, Eldon House Second Floor

The Eldon House Collection holds several books of cookery – from printed materials to hand inscribed “receipt” books. Historical cookbooks contain more than just tips on turning a “joint of meat to perfection;” they are encyclopedia’s of domestic advice, encompassing recipes for home remedies, medicinal treatments as well as delicious desserts!  This exhibit will display and interpret several historical cookbooks in the museum’s collection and elaborate on the origins, uses and terminology of these wonderful examples of social history.  

Family Photos: The Harris Family at Home

Through 2019, Eldon House Second Floor

Western Archives holds a huge collection of historic photographs attributed to the Harris family who lived at Eldon House.  This exhibit will provide visitors with an intimate view of the family, their home and their gardens, while also illuminating the trends of historical amateur photography.

Christmas Curiosities

December 2019, Eldon House Second Floor

Many of the Christmas celebrations we enjoy today can be linked to traditions started in the Victorian Era: from Christmas trees to giving presents. However, there was a darker side to Victorian Christmas, where ghosts and devils appeared to punish the undeserving.  This exhibit illustrates some of the Christmas “curiosities” by reproducing graphic Victorian Postcards.

The Servant Question

June 2019 through January 2020, Eldon House Interpretive Centre

During the 125 years that Eldon House was the residence of the Harris family, domestic servants lived and worked in the house – because of this the museum interprets the “two” families who dwelled  within the sites walls.  This exhibition aims to explore domestic life of upper-middle class households in the late Victorian era and early 20th century, using Eldon House as a case study. With primary material of both servant and served as well as the ephemera that influenced the structure of their relationships, a glimpse into the domestic life in London Ontario will be revealed.