Origins: The Indian Subcontinent

A black and white image of the Taj Mahal taking from the end of a rectangular pool. Trees flank either side.

The aim of the “Origins” series exhibition, to explore the stories and significance of cultural objects within their own original context. What did these items mean to the peoples who created them, and how did they come into being? This series contextualizes some of the objects that were collected by the Harris Family of Eldon House, on their various travels, and how the artifacts and fit into the historical trend of colonial collecting. In this inaugural exhibit, being the first of six in the series, viewers will visually travel to India and neighbouring countries, where the Harris Family visited in 1897, collecting a plethora of items, and recording their thoughts and observations of their trip– in journals and letters. The artifacts on display allow viewers to explore their own stand-alone history – of their creation, significance, and original context.